Friday, June 29, 2012

Tool #2: Building Community in the Online Environment

I chose to go the Diigo Route. The 2 that I enjoyed following the most were: 1.
Teachers Guide on The Use of Graphic Organizers in The Classroom - mainly talked about the major benefits of using and integrating graphic organizers in your classroom. 2.
The Ultimate Guide to The Use of Blogs in Teaching - this was a very detailed, beginners guide to creating and using blogs for classroom instruction. I definitely recommend.
I think interacting in online communities and PLN's are very beneficial. You can receive different view points from commentors and use variations that work for you. I have used them several tumes for household situations. During those blogs I agreed with some and didn't agree with others but I was willing to test all suggestions. I mostly took ideas from different people and blended them in to 1 product. I love sharing publicly and I like to hear of others success and failures because it helps me in decifiring through test trials.
One that I plan on visiting in the future is: 10 Useful iPad Resources for Educators – SimpleK12 - since we have received these i-pads I want to be knowlegable in their use so I can offer my students ways to enhance their learning objectives.

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