Friday, June 29, 2012

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

Due to watching the itunes video I learned how to not only find the new updated version, as well as, make sure I had the updated version of itunes. I also learned how to navigate through itunes. Ranging from setting up my library and its settings, downloading apps to creating a new account.

The most important idea I took away from watching the 2nd video was where to go and how to download SBISD approved apps for my student's use.
Computer Management:
  1. Students and I will create a set of rules/guidelines that must be followed when using the devices
  2. Random seating will be used for each project (by the drawing of cards), unless behavior problems cause for a change at my discretion
  3. Consequences for improper use of devices will be stated and agreed upon before use of devices
  4. Students must take and pass, with a 100, a basic test on the proper use of the device before allowed to use the device
  5. Students, along with their parents will sign and date a contract agreeing with and acknowledging all the above statements (excluding the test) before use of the devices

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  1. Great ideas... Would love to see what you create.